Aircraft Sales and Acquisition

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Buying a Private Jet

Buying a private jet is a complex process. Critical aspects from ensuring the jet is suitable to your needs to securing finance, there is a lot to think about.

With this in mind, do you feel confident to:

  • Assess a plane from a technical perspective?
  • Conduct preliminary market analysis?
  • Assess a plane’s suitability to your requirements?
  • Ensure safety and compliance is on point?
  • Arrange finance and understand the legal and administrative complexities of operating your own private jet?

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘no’, then our team can help you not only negotiate the legal, technical, and fiscal turbulence but provide engineering support ensuring your private jet gets in the air faster and makes safe landings time and again.

Selling a Private Jet

If you feel your jet has served its purpose we can ensure you get a good and fair price for it. Our teams:

  • Know the market
  • Have the contacts for a faster, smoother sale
  • Know the legalities and can handle this side for you providing the right paperwork at the right time

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Whether you are buying or selling a private jet we have an experienced team of experts ready to ensure transactions are smooth to help you acquire or sell a private jet quickly and easily. Talk to us.