CAMO Support

Absolute Jet can offer the following services but not limited to:


  • organize and manage all documents and publications with the Maintenance Organizations Part 145
  • provide record keeping of maintenance performed
  • AD and SB assessments
  • Liaison with MRO for maintenance quotations, inputs and on sight representation etc.
  • Liaison with OEM, for warranty claims, reliability improvements etc.
  • Cost review and control of maintenance invoices


Absolute Jet will assist in finding a reputable completion center with good pedigree and oversee the selection of interior choices, floor plans, and general outfitting for the new aircraft. Our Technical representative will oversee all aspects of the interior being installed to mitigate any discrepancies prior to our client taking delivery of its new aircraft or newly refurbished aircraft.


Absolute Jet will organize and oversee the conduct of the Pre-Purchase Inspection (“PPI”) on site with the respective authorized service center in order to ensure that the aircraft has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers requirements, any applicable airworthiness directives have been complied with correctly and in due time, review all of the maintenance work orders and logbook entries for the aircraft and have a physical inspection of the aircraft undertaken in combination with any required due maintenance and / or inspections.

The extent of the PPI will be subject to the age of the respective aircraft, the total hours flown and status of the due maintenance / inspections, but will always include the requirement for the engines and (where applicable) the APU borescope examination.

The results of the PPI and interpretation will assist in the final decision as to whether or not to proceed with the aircraft purchase and support the justification for any negotiation in price reduction.